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Film Production
Through our sister company, Unique Waves, we can offer a range of filming & film production services.

Whether you want one off event filmed, stock footage, a complete promotional video or an awareness raising documentary then we can help. We can even edit together your own footage.


Latest Promo - Amelie Rose
(1st Draft - 5 mins)
Amelie Rose is a stunning Pilot Cutter - a classic yacht design. Here is the first draft of the promo video we put together.

Other Recent Films from Unique Waves:

unique waves film showreel  

Unique Waves - Showreel:
This showreel gives a glimpse of the type and style of work undertaken by Unique Waves. Our films ranging from awareness raising and educational films to promotional videos. It demonstrates the way that the visual image can be a powerful tool to get the message across.

Showreel (5 mins) - Watch

wildlife fim scotland  

Wild Scotland - Preview:
We are currently working on a new film about the nature, history & landscape in Scotland. Here is a brief 5 minute preview.

Wild Scotland (5 mins) - Preview

wildlife trust documentary  

Wildlife Trust - Documentary:
This documentary focuses on the issue of invasive species in the New Forest. Filmed for the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, this short documentary focuses on the issue of invasive plant & animal species and in particular the Non-Native Plants in the National Park.

Invasives Species (15 mins) - Watch

amelie rose  

Amelie Rose - Promotional Film:
Amelie Rose is a stunning Pilot Cutter - a classic design that goes back to the time of Nelson. She is based in Poole, Dorset but is available for courses, charters and events throughout the West Country, Channel Islands and Brittany.

To find out more go to -

Amelie Rose (4 mins) - Preview


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