Making the past look better!
How many times have you taken a photo, looked at it and then wished that the lighting had been better or that strange looking man hadn't walked in to the shot at the wrong moment! Well in this digital era all is not lost as we may well be able to help.

Whether you need one of your pics changing or an old picture digitally restored then we may well be able to help.

Example 01 - Manipulation
(Hover over the image to see the original)

In this example you see the classic issue when trying to get the perfect shot of a group of children ...getting them ALL to look at the camera at same time!!!

Fortunately all wasn't lost as I took the young lady's on the left's face from a different picture and then added it to the final image!


Example 02 - Enhancement
(Hover over the image to see the original)

Even the best photographer can misjudge the correct exposure. In this case the original was way too underexposed.

Again, this isn't the end of the world as we can make some adjustments to bring the image to life. Compare it to the underexposed version by hovering over the image.

Example 03 - Restoration
(Hover over the image to see the original)

Over time photographic prints will fade, loosing that moment forever. As well as being a great way of backing up these treasured historical records we can also recover much of the detail that is lost. We can also digitally repair the image.

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